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In the Eye of the Buyer

Over the weekend, we received an email from one of our sellers that reminded us of the importance of preparing a home for sale:

"You did an incredible job.  I know we did the cleaning, but you brought out the beauty of his house.  I've noticed something that sets you apart from other realtors.  When I'm looking online at other houses that someone lives in, their houses are full of clutter and not staged well .I looked at one house that looked pretty on the outside, but the inside was so junked up, it turned me off from looking at it any further."

Buying a home is an emotional process - people buy a home that they can see themselves in. A place that feels like home when they walk through the door, a place that they can picture themselves and their family in.

As a home seller, your job is to make those potential buyers feel welcome and to see your home as theirs, which at times can be a difficult transition since you've most likely spent years putting your own personal touches throughout your home.

When you are preparing to sell your house, you must view it through the "eye of the buyer."

Staged Home

Walk through your home and consider the following changes:
  • Re-painting a neon colored child's room with a more neutral color. Neutral's appeal to a broader group of home hunters and will allow them to envision how they would utilize the space.
  • Consider replacing old appliances, fix that sliding draw that seems to stick and de-clutter those cabinets and closets.
  • Spacious places sell so if you have over-sized furniture that tightens the space in your home, remove them or consider placing them in other areas.
  • De-personalize. This is the hardest one for sellers to do and it can be tricky since you don't want to rid your home of everything, you want inviting, not sterile. So think model home.
  • Remove family photos, overly personal items, even refrigerator magents can distract a buyer's eye and disturb their thinking.
  • Pay close attention to bedrooms and bathrooms. Buyer's can sometimes feel uncomfortable in these spaces, which are considered personal and private spaces of the home. Replace toothbrushes and soap with nice fresh towels and tasteful accessories.
  • Keep bedrooms neat and opt for welcoming rather than "lived-in."
  • When it comes to curb appeal make sure the lawn is manicured, the landscaping has been tended do and the general exterior of the home says "Welcome." Buyers don't like to see dead shrubs, toys in the yard, peeling paint or anything that can give off a general vibe of things that need repair.

Again, think model home. You are trying to find a balance between brand new and lived-in warmth. You want buyers to feel comfortable and linger in these spaces longer, that's what makes them picture it as home and that's what will lead to a successful sale.

If you have any questions about preparing your home to sell, or need some pointers to get you started in the right direction, let us know - New Home Hunters Realty is here to help.

Posted: Monday, December 13, 2010 11:09 AM by Carolyn Conrey
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